Expert Dispute Resolution Services from Los Angeles, California

Mediation is Becoming Recognized as the Preferred Method of Dispute Resolution

You are a professional claims manager with a high volume of claims. You can't afford the costs and delays of going to Court. You need a way to efficiently process claims. There is a better way!! Turn to Ron Friedman Mediations in Los Angeles, California.

You have been sued and can't afford the costs and burdens of protracted litigation. You want one last chance to work out a settlement. There is a better way!! Give "assisted negotiation" a chance. Turn to Ron Friedman Mediations in Los Angeles, California. Whether you are a Plaintiff or a Defendant, contact Ron Friedman Mediations to develop a Mediator Assisted Plan ("MAP") for low cost dispute resolution.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Savings in time, energy and money
  • Ability to craft agreements tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of the Parties
  • Negotiated settlements are more satisfying and more likely to be upheld by BOTH Parties
  • Successful mediations help salvage relationships

The Four Keys to a Mediated Settlement

Preparation, Objectivity, Empathy and Settlement Attitude

While settlement ultimately may require an agreement on money, the key to a mediated settlement normally focuses on other considerations.

  • First, the parties must prepare themselves to engage in a genuine dialogue about the nature of the problem, the issues it presents, the choices that are available and the consequences of not settling.
  • Second, the parties must take an objective look at the disputed facts, the available evidence, and legal rules that govern the situation, the costs of formal processes, the savings and the benefits that can be achieved from settling the dispute rather than taking it through a full trial.
  • Third, the parties must take a guided and empathetic look with a neutral at the claims made by the other side, be willing to talk and listen, and consider carefully how to deal with the emotions, issues and concerns that are important to coming to agreement with the other side.
  • Fourth, the parties need a mediator that knows what to do and when to do it to lead the parties through a process that fosters and supports an attitude of resolution, helps develop an appropriate settlement framework that realistically can come together, and leads the parties through the details of agreement in a professionally guided negotiation?

Areas of Special Concentration - Commercial and Family Disputes

My firm offers highly qualified and professional mediation services to help you in Commercial Disputes and Disputes among family members, and all of the following areas of legal concentration. I have mediated many cases in each of these areas of practice. It can be helpful to work with a Mediator that has experience in valuing similar claims. In appropriate cases, you also can contract for Binding Mediation or Med/Arb. arrangements.

Some of the disputes and claims I handle include:

  • Contract and Fraud Disputes
  • Real Estate and Lease Disputes
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Employment Claims
  • Subrogation and Insurance Issues
  • Complex Multi-Party Litigation
  • Legal Malpractice Claims
  • Software and Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Homeowner Remodeling Claims
  • Entertainment Industry Disputes
  • Statutory & Business Torts
  • Family, Elder Abuse and Probate Disputes
  • Debt Collection Claims
  • Partnership & Dissolution Issues
  • Environmental Claims
  • Unfair Competition/Antitrust Claims

"GET Connected"™ -- A Service that Takes the Essential First Step to Convene the Mediation

Gathering Everyone Together (GET) into a guided settlement conversation requires a plan and a method to accomplish the plan. My services offers both. I help the complainant to start the mediation conversation with the proper invitation that clarifies intent, sets the proposed ground rules, meets court and contract requirements, offers the benefits of mediation confidentiality, and begins the essential conversation about a commitment to dialogue and listen. This is the first process on the path to conflict resolution. I approach this first process with cutting-edge thinking about how to foster authentic engagement.

Contact Ron Friedman Mediations and I will provide the recipe and the required forms to get GET Connected™ with the other side in genuine mediation.

On-line Mediation -- A Modern Approach

It does not take "extra sensory perception" to understand that planning, preparation and reaching out to the other side, can be the key to a successful mediation. I offer an "on line" Early Settlement Program ("ESP") that channels discussion through the use of mediator guided agendas. We start with written input I require from the parties, after which I conduct an initial 1-hour assessment conference. This is followed by a series of scheduled meetings over a two week period, and concludes with a short mediation session. While face to face mediation has advantages, it is much more time consuming and expensive. With on-line mediation, I can arrange video or tele-conferencing where parties need to avoid travel time and/or expenses.

This program is specially designed to avert a lawsuit before it is filed, or to settle one in the early phases before the parties have become entrenched. The program can be accomplished face-to-face in traditional mediation sessions or entirely through amore convenient "on-line" conversation.

Contact Ron Friedman Mediations and we will design the steps together that insures the best chances of success.

Mediator Assisted Plan™ ("MAP") to Efficiently Satisfy a Requirement to Mediate

A rapidly growing trend in "standard form contracts" (such as real estate purchase contracts), grants "the prevailing party" the right to an award of attorney's fees, but only on condition that they attempt to mediate their dispute first. Some refuse to do so because they think it will be a "waste of time." Don't make the mistake of refusing to mediate a dispute when requested, like the defendant in this California case. Cullen v. Corwin (2012) 206 Cal. App.4th 1074 Instead, contact Ron Friedman Mediations and let me provide a Mediator Assisted Plan to comply with your contract requirements in the simplest and most cost effective manner.

Sometimes settlement seems hopeless or the timing just is not right. However, you are "ORDERED" to mediate by the Judge or required to do so by a contract. For these special situations, I offer a compressed, fast track, Mediator Assisted Plan ("MAP") to satisfy contract or court requirements in the most modern and convenient manner, and at the lowest cost possible.

Contact Ron Friedman Mediations to inquire into how this abbreviated MAP program can work for you.