Pro Bono Offer

“Court Crisis” Limited Pro Bono Special Offer - 3 hours free!

As you may know, the Los Angeles Superior Court is experiencing a "Budget Crisis" that has fallen heavily on the Court's Civil Division. There have been major staff cuts and a host of court room closures. An important casualty of the budget crisis is the loss of the Court's ADR department, which has been completely shut down, after 20 years of successful operation. The Court sponsored Pro Bono program has been terminated entirely. Also, the Court has drastically raised Court Filing Fees to near $500 for a simple complaint making litigation even more expensive and prohibitive.

Consequently, the court will no longer assign a volunteer pro bono mediator to your cases. The Los Angeles Superior Court trusted me to handle more than 2300 mediation assignments under that court program, many of which were under the "party pay" rules that offered an experienced mediator for a low cost. With only a small booking fee, I am emulating the "party pay" court program. After years of working with these types of cases, I have developed special expertise in settling small cases where the amount in dispute is between $10,000 and $25,000. These cases are often emotionally charged, but usually not economic to litigate.

The loss of the Court Pro Bono program has left a large gap in the justice system. You obviously cannot afford to spend $3,000 to $6,000 for traditional mediation services, just to find out your case can not be settled. It is symply not economic. But you can afford mediaiton, if the price is right. My pro bono offer discussed below is an ideal way for you to test the waters, with no hourly charge for the first three session hours. I am offering this program for a limited time.

This offer is for disputes involving claims up to $25,000. The booking and administrative fee is payable in advance, by check or credit card, 10 days before the mediation. Payment must be returned with a signed Mediation Agreement. If the Mediation continues beyond three hours, additional time you request is billed at $400/hour. I can provide two excellent conference rooms for 4 hours at $100 extra (or for a full day $150 extra) and I will travel to the mediation venue preferred by the parties if it is near my office. Please contact me with any questions. Room fees also must be paid in advance.

Advantages of this LOW COST offer

You obtain an experienced mediator for a low fixed fee

All negotiations are confidential and not admissible into evidence

You can mediate your dispute BEFORE FILING SUIT for less than LA Court Filing Fees!

You can stop at any time if progress is not being made

Easy scheduling by simply downloading and completing the Scheduling Request provided below

Requirements: To take advantage of this offer, return these forms (see below)

  • Download and complete my Scheduling Request Form --  Click Here
  • Download and complete my Credit Card Authorization Form  -- Click Here     
  • Download and complete my Mediation Agreement  --  Click Here
  • Attach a copy of your Case Information and a current Service List
  • Call or e-mail me if you need to discuss dates or locations
Each side must sign and return the Mediation Agreement with payment of $250 by either returning the Credit Card Authorization Form or sending me a copy of your check by E-mail for electronic deposit. You will receive a confirming letter from me formally scheduling the mediaiton date, time and place.

Please call me with any questions.