Mediator Assistance Plan

Mediator Assisted Plan™ ("MAP") to Efficiently Satisfy a Requirement to Mediate

A rapidly growing trend in "standard form contracts" (such as real estate purchase contracts), grants "the prevailing party" the right to an award of attorney's fees, but only on condition that they attempt to mediate their dispute first. Some refuse to do so because they think it will be a "waste of time." Don't make the mistake of refusing to mediate a dispute when requested, like the defendant in this California case. Cullen v. Corwin (2012) 206 Cal. App.4th 1074 Instead, contact Ron Friedman Mediations and let me provide a Mediator Assisted Plan to comply with your contract requirements in the simplest and most cost effective manner.

Sometimes settlement seems hopeless or the timing just is not right. However, you are "ORDERED" to mediate by the Judge or required to do so by a contract. For these special situations, I offer a compressed, fast track, Mediator Assisted Plan ("MAP") to satisfy contract or court requirements in the most modern and convenient manner, and at the lowest cost possible.

Contact Ron Friedman Mediations to inquire into how this abbreviated MAP program can work for you.