Convene The Mediation

"GET Connected"™ -- A Service that Takes the Essential First Step to Convene the Mediation

Gathering Everyone Together (GET) into a guided settlement conversation requires a plan and a method to accomplish the plan. My services offers both. I help the complainant to start the mediation conversation with the proper invitation that clarifies intent, sets the proposed ground rules, meets court and contract requirements, offers the benefits of mediation confidentiality, and begins the essential conversation about a commitment to dialogue and listen. This is the first process on the path to conflict resolution. I approach this first process with cutting-edge thinking about how to foster authentic engagement.

Contact Ron Friedman Mediations and I will provide the recipe and the required forms to get GET Connected™ with the other side in genuine mediation.

On-line Mediation -- A Modern Approach

It does not take "extra sensory perception" to understand that planning, preparation and reaching out to the other side, can be the key to a successful mediation. I offer an "on line" Early Settlement Program ("ESP") that channels discussion through the use of mediator guided agendas. We start with written input I require from the parties, after which I conduct an initial 1-hour assessment conference. This is followed by a series of scheduled meetings over a two week period, and concludes with a short mediation session. While face to face mediation has advantages, it is much more time consuming and expensive. With on-line mediation, I can arrange video or tele-conferencing where parties need to avoid travel time and/or expenses.