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Ron charges an hourly mediation fee, normally split evenly between the parties, plus a 1-hour non-refundable booking and administrative fee. There is no minimum number of hours required. (Flat rates for ½ day or 1 day sessions are available upon request.)

The parties should confer and decide upon preferred dates, start times and the location of the mediation. Ron normally will be willing to travel to the location requested by the parties for their convenience.

Please contact Ron to discuss your case, parties expected to be in attendance, proposed dates of availability, and to make fee arrangements. Once all details are agreed, Ron will send a letter scheduling the mediation to all sides together with a Mediation Agreement.

The attorneys are required to sign and return a Mediation Agreement setting forth the fee arrangements in order to confirm all arrangements and to formally schedule the mediation. Payment in full is due on the day of the mediation unless special arrangements are made in advance.

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