About Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman’s Work as an Arbitrator

In addition to extensive ADR work handling countless private mediations and over 1500 mediation assignments from the Los Angeles Superior Court, Ron Friedman has arbitrated numerous disputes as a frequent arbitrator on the panel of the American Arbitration Association, as a Court Appointed Arbitrator, and as an Arbitrator of Attorney/Client fee disputes on the Arbitration panel of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

His arbitrations include a variety of business disputes, including, contract, real estate, construction, entertainment and intellectual property disputes. In a mediation, Ron can provide expert Neutral Evaluation in private sessions where if requested by the attorney. You can count on him to understand your issues, and he will be able to present the full force of your position to the other side with clarity and accuracy. His prior work as an Arbitrator increases his understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and value of your case, and fosters Mr. Friedman’s credibility with the opposing side when he presents your position.

Over 48 Years as a Practicing Attorney in California

Additionally, as a practicing attorney in California since 1969, Ron Friedman has been a member of the California bar for nearly 50 years. In recent years, he has concentrated primarily on arbitration and mediation, but still represents select clients in real estate and other matters.

Prior to working in the Alternative Dispute Resolution field, he represented Capitol Records, Inc., Capitol Industries, Inc. (and their associated companies) for 17 years, as Vice President and Associated General Counsel.During that time, he worked closely with Capitol’s management and obtained valuable business experience negotiating and drafting thousands of business contracts and leases, supervising other lawyers, and managing a wide range of litigation when he was in charge of Capitol Records Corporate Law Department and was Vice President and Secretary of various divisions of Capitol. His experience in managing and settling Corporate litigation for Capitol eventually lead to his entry into the field of ADR on a full-time basis.

Prior to his work with Capitol’s companies, Ron spent 5 years as a trial attorney for the United States Department of Justice (where he was promoted to GS15), and in that position, he handled civil and criminal matters, including grand jury investigations, depositions, trial motions and field office work for the Los Angeles Antitrust division of the DOJ.

Ron Friedman's Goals

To provide a fair, economical, expert and impartial process, connecting the parties to their inner wisdom, and bringing about reasonable outcomes that both sides find acceptable. Your satisfaction with the process is his top priority! His commitment to you is that he will treat your matter with the utmost care and attention and do everything possible to help you achieve your goals!

In addition, you'll find that his mediation services are offered at competitive prices that take into account all relevant factors. If requested, he will provide mediation rooms, conduct teleconference mediations, or travel to offices near him for mediation sessions, and he offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

Community Service

After a successful career as an attorney, Ron Friedman was a member on the Los Angeles Superior Court panels of mediators and arbitrators for over 12 years, and he was trusted to handle more than 2300 assignments for the Court during that time. He has chosen to contribute more than 6,000 hours of Professional Mediation Services to our community at no charge because he enjoys helping others and knowing that his work makes a difference in their lives. In cases of Financial Hardship, he offers additional discounts. Mr. Friedman is a true Professional dedicated to achieving all the promised benefits of mediation for the Parties.

Awards and Honors

Mr. Friedman has received over 10 annual awards from the Los Angeles Superior Court recognizing his participation on their mediation panels, and in 2007, he was received the Los Angeles Superior Court award recognizing "Outstanding Contributions" to their ADR program.

Past and Present Associations

American Bar Association | Dispute Resolution Committee | Beverly Hills Bar Association ADR | Southern California Mediation Association | California Bar Association, Litigation Section

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