Extensive Mediation Experience

After nearly 50 years’ experience in the roles of attorney, arbitrator and mediator, Ron Friedman brings to your mediation an unusual wealth of practical knowledge, exceptional problem solving, and the ability to understand and empathize with the interests and concerns of clients. His long career has spanned a broad range of legal subject matters that few other mediators can match.

Now in his 17th year as a mediator, he has worked successfully with thousands of lawyers and their parties to settle countless disputes in the following subject matter areas:

  • Contract and Fraud Disputes
  • Real Estate and Lease Disputes
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Employment Cases (including, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and wage and hour issues)
  • Insurance Coverage and Subrogation Issues
  • Complex Multi-Party Litigation
  • Legal Malpractice Claims
  • Software and Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Homeowner Remodeling Claims
  • Entertainment Industry Disputes (including copyright and audit issues)
  • Statutory and Business Torts
  • Family, Elder Abuse and Probate Disputes
  • Debt Collection Claims
  • Partnership and Dissolution Issues
  • Environmental Claims
  • Unfair Competition and Antitrust Claims
  • Disputes regarding Automobiles

In over 1500 completed mediation assignments, Ron has developed the unique skills and techniques required to get the parties to “yes.” He works tenaciously and tirelessly to understand the details and the nuances of the dispute, and to expose the best choices, offers and solutions. Parties recognize that he consistently acts as a fair and impartial mediator who carefully reads the mediation statements with attention to details, and approaches each mediation with a good understanding of both the legal issues and the interests and concerns of the parties. He has been trusted, time and again, to help attorneys and their parties, evaluate, and ultimately agree upon, practical and workable settlements.

While all cases do not end in settlements, Ron brings the parties together in an exceptionally high percentage of the cases. He works well with the special requirements of insurance carriers, and appreciates that attorneys and the parties will have different needs, objectives, goals and requirements, so he will handle your mediation with the care and attention that you seek, in the style of mediation that you request. Even after the parties reached impasse, he has been called back for additional mediation sessions, and he has used mediator’s proposals to settle over 100 cases during and after mediation sessions. Sometimes, early exploratory mediation sessions are later followed up with another day of mediation that settles the case. As stated by one of his clients:

Ron Friedman offers effective help to settle disputes. You will find that he brings a very tenacious, thorough and detail oriented style of work to your mediation. You also will find that he is an independent neutral without biases, who strives to conduct mediations with absolute impartiality. If you want to settle your case, I don't think there is anyone better!

Paul Bershin (a trial attorney for 43 years)

What Results can You Expect?

Some lawsuits must be tried before a judge or jury. However, if both sides come to the mediation equipped with quality preparation, a willingness to look objectively and empathetically at the problem, and a genuine attitude of dispute resolution, Ron Friedman will be able to help you settle that case 95% of the time. He knows this because that has been his experience in over 20 years of ADR practice. He employs tested methods, forged in the fires of countless mediation sessions, that bring about consistently High Settlement Rates of conflicts.

When timing or other obstacles prevent settlements on the day of the mediation, you will find out what you need to know about your choices and how you can overcome issues. In most cases, you will also come away with critical new information about the causes and potential resolutions that can only be obtained from work with a skilled mediator. To work with a very experienced mediator who understands how to control the process, choose Ron Friedman Mediations in Los Angeles California. Those who have trusted their case to Ron Friedman Mediations, have obtained the results they sought at competitive rates!

Twelve Things You Can Depend Upon!

  • Through Preparation, Including a Careful Study of Briefs and Review of Cited Authorities
  • A Fair, Unbiased and Impartial Proceeding in Which You Can Achieve Your Reasonable Objectives
  • Non-Confrontational Private Meetings with the Mediator
  • A Businesslike Mediation Process that Promotes Dialogue and Understanding
  • Illumination and Use of the Wealth of Knowledge and Wisdom of the Gathering
  • A Mediation in which You Will Discover Your BEST Choices and Receive Help Evaluating Them
  • Use of Proven Strategies and Tactics to Overcome Impasse and Achieve Settlements
  • Assistance to Draft Enforceable Settlement Agreements
  • Reconciliations that Preserve Important Business or Family Relations by Solving the Dispute
  • Careful Protection of Confidential Communications at All Times
  • Strict Compliance with ABA's "Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators" And All Local Ethical Rules
  • Bottom Line: Most Cases will Settle Within an Acceptable Range for a Reasonable Cost

Style of Mediation:  Both Facilitative and Evaluative

Ron Friedman will arrive at your mediation with preparation notes, and an excellent grasp of the facts (including an event timeline). He will review authorities cited in the briefs and try to get a grasp of the issues. At the beginning of the mediation, he uses facilative technicques to bring about a settlement; but, if that fails, with your permission, he will employ evaluative techniques to assist the process. You will be able to obtain Neutral Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your claims, if you seek that help. In some family cases, he will employ transformative techniques where the preservation of relationships is a priority. For those seeking only facilitative help, he will not let his views intrude into the process.

What Help Does Ron Friedman Provide During a Mediation Session?

Bringing in an experienced third party neutral to "mediate the dispute" changes the dynamics of the bargaining, exposes more possibilities, and can afford better opportunities for the parties to make the best choice. If you select Ron Friedman Mediations, you can expect that he will bring to the table invaluable knowledge about how others settled similar disputes and the patience needed to get the job done. During the session he will provide all of the following mediation services and assistance.

  • Listen, acknowledge and validate his understanding of your positions
  • Help both parties to communicate their message effectively
  • Foster a more empathetic understanding of interests and concerns
  • Identify and clarify the decisive issues
  • Present the full force of your side's position with clarity and accuracy
  • Obtain genuine engagement at the heart of the matter
  • Discuss (in caucus) strengths and weaknesses of liability and damages arguments
  • Explore the consequences of not settling [i.e., discuss the BATNA]
  • Find settlement options the parties did not recognize before
  • Stimulate the exchange of acceptable compromises 
  • De-escalate conflict and channel thinking to overcome obstacles
  • You will gain valuable insight into the settlement value of your case
  • If requested, he offers neutral evaluation, decision tree analysis and "mediator proposals"

Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Ron Friedman Mediations we have proudly served Los Angeles for many years with our Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have many satisfied customers in Los Angeles and are always hoping to gain more. Our reputation as a top Alternative Dispute Resolution provider in Los Angeles rests on our skill and the quality treatment of all our customers.

We make sure every aspect of your Alternative Dispute Resolution experience with us is easy, convenient, and reasonably priced.

All of us at Ron Friedman Mediations thank you for visiting our custom website and hope to serve you with all your Alternative Dispute Resolution needs in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.